Frequently asked questions

Can we make a reservation?

We take online reservations for parties of 2-8.  If your party is larger than 8, please call us at 716-288-7775.   Please note, we reserve less than half of our taproom for reservations-the rest are held for walk-ins.  Inability to book a reservation online does not mean you won’t be able to get a table if you come in without one!

What liquor, wine or cider do you have?

Check out our liquid menu for updated offerings of our cocktails and wine.  We are a NYS Farm Brewery, meaning we can only source and sell NYS produced liquor, wine and cider. We may not have your favorite national brand, but we’re certain we’ll have something you’ll love. We’re proud to support small, local businesses! 

Do you have non-alcoholic options?

We do! we always carry a few non-alcoholic beers (ie Athletic Brewing) as well as pepsi products.  

Does the brewery offer take out?

We don’t currently offer call ahead or online take out.  You are free to stop in and order food to go! This is due to the small size of our kitchen.  We prioritize our taproom guests and do not want to compromise their experience by overwhelming our kitchen with takeout orders!

               Note: Specials pricing for certain nights only applies to dine in service and not for to go orders. 

Are dogs or other animals allowed inside?

Unfortunately, per NYS health code we cannot allow pets inside as we are a restaurant in addition to a taproom.  That said, dogs and other 4 legged friends (can someone please bring a horse?) are more than welcome to enjoy our outdoor heated and covered patio or beer garden.

Do you split checks?

We can take multiple forms of payment but we do not split checks.  Splitting a check in our system causes food to be prepared and sent out in batches rather than the entire table all at once (they call these systems POS’s for a reason lol).  We strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and having your food arrive at varying times is not ideal so we’ve implemented this policy to avoid the issue.  We thank you for your understanding.

Can we schedule our tour/party bus to visit the brewery?

Absolutely! We request you call us ahead of time with a head count, planned time of arrival and main contact.  We ask that you schedule us a bit earlier on your tour, as we are a full service taproom, and often have families dining with us.  In order to ensure a pleasurable experience for our already in-house guests, we do reserve the right to turn your party away if it’s after 3pm and you haven’t made prior accommodations, or the members of your group are overly intoxicated. 

I want to have my event at the brewery. Who do I contact?

Contact for more information about event packages.  We have a minimum of 25 guests in order to rent out the upstairs mezzanine, with a maximum capacity of 60.  This area is subject to availability depending on our base business and day of week/time of year.  If you are looking to do a larger event (corporate), we do offer the option of a private taproom experience where we would open early and host your event then.  Contact us and let’s discuss!

Where are events held at the brewery?

All events, unless otherwise noted, are held on our mezzanine.  This area is accessible by stairs only, we do not have an elevator.  Please consider your guests abilities when booking events or deciding to attend a public event with us on the mezzanine.

I have an issue with my ticket for XYZ event. Who do I contact to fix this?

The brewery does not sell the tickets for these events (yoga classes, craft classes, etc.).  The event organizer (outside vendor) is responsible for all ticket sales.  If you have an issue, please contact them!

Is your patio open? Heated? Covered?

Our patio is large, heated and covered by a roof but is open to the wind.  Ask a bartender if you’d like have the infrared heaters turned on!

When are you open?

Our hours change seasonally, and current hours are posted at the bottom of our website, and on our social media.

How do I order food?

We have full service and bar service options.  If you would like table service, please see our host.  You’re also welcome to sit at the bar or the tables around the back of the bar.  You can order food at the bar and you will receive a table number.  Your food will be brought to your table when it’s ready!

I visited your brewery and you double charged me-why?

If you started a tab at the bar we will ask for a credit card, and give it right back to you.  This is to initiate what’s called a pre-authorization.  You may notice your local gas station does this as well.  Some cards handle this pre-authorization by creating a pending transaction on your account to make sure you have available credit or funds. Then when the tab is settled, a second charge is initiated.  Sometimes the preauthorization charge lingers (as a pending charge) for a few business days.  This will be automatically corrected by your bank.  If after 3 business days it’s not settled, please give us a call with your name, the day you visited and the last 4 on the back of the card, we’re happy to look into it!

The brewery is too loud. Are you adding any acoustic panels?

We know, it can be loud at times in our building, especially on a busy weekend night when everyone is having fun!  It’s hard to have a quiet space with 150+ people in it.  We’re working on a solution, but as a small family owned business that handles most of our operations, production, and building improvements on our own, the list is long and time is short!  Thank you for your patience. 

Can I bring in outside food or beverages?

Per NYS health regulations and the NYS Liquor Authority we cannot allow outside alcohol into our building.  If you are celebrating an occasion and would like to bring in a cake, it must be store or bakery purchased.

Can I bring in balloons?

Yes! We love balloons (please try to keep them from floating away).  Absolutely no glitter though ☹ (Drew hates glitter.)

Where the heck do I park?

We hear you, parking can be an issue during peak times!  We always suggest carpooling if coming with a group or coming for an event.  We do not own the gravel road next to our parking lot- DO NOT PARK ON THE GRAVEL ROAD OR THE FAR SIDE OF IT.  We are working on a solution for our limited parking, please stay tuned!

Do you offer tours?

So you want to see the brewery?  Just ask.  If we can accommodate, we will!

What are your flagship beers?

We plan to continually brew Lancaster Lager.  This will be our first year-round beer.  From there, we’ll begin settling on a few other standards that we always have on draft.  We may decide to carry variations of styles that are similar to prior batches but still within a specific style.  The fun of visiting a brewery lies in the ability to try something new.  Give something different a try, you might be surprised!

How long has the brewery been open?

We opened our doors on August 31st 2022.

Why “Brazen”?

The name of the brewery comes from our (crazy & bold) decision to leave our corporate jobs and make a go of operating this place full-time!  It is challenging, stressful, time-consuming and insane, but we love it, and our customers!  Thank you so much for your support and your patronage-it truly means the world!  Cheers!