Brazen Brewing is owned by husband and wife team Drew and Ashleigh Schaub and Drew’s father, Herb Schaub.  We’re a Buffalo born and raised craft beer brewing family with a passion for good beer, small business and our community.  Most days, you’ll find at least one of us in the taproom or behind the bar. We designed and built Brazen to be a space where we would want to gather with our friends and family.

Brazen Brewing is built around a 7-barrel brewhouse with four 7-barrel fermenters, one 15-barrel fermenter and 20 taps.  Our size allows us to brew new batches frequently and keep our tap-list diverse and ever-changing while still allowing us to have a few favorites on most of the time.


Our mission is to bring our passion for craft beer to you and combine it with a taproom experience that showcases the brewing process as well as supports our local community.

THE BRAZEN STORY (as told by Drew)

I began brewing, as many homebrewers do, in my driveway hanging out with a friend.  My buddy Justin and I would discuss anything and everything during that time.  Discussions of opening a brewery would inevitably come up (every brew day), but we continued to brush it off as a pipe dream.

During these formative brewing years, my wife Ashleigh and I were fortunate enough to do some travelling (in our pre-child life,) and we always made it a point to stop at the local breweries in the area.  We increasingly gathered inspiration from each trip-Portland, Denver, Asheville, and Tampa/St. Petersburg are among our favorites.

What we noticed from all of these visits was that the best places all connected the brewhouse to the taproom. Allowing people to see and feel connected to the brewing process really puts an emphasis on the “grain to glass” experience that only a local brewery can provide.  They also offered an easy flow to a relaxing outdoor space. Having lived our entire lives in Buffalo means we know just how important a good patio is for when our weather is just right.  The best breweries are also strongly rooted in their support of the local community.  In the pre-Prohibition days, neighborhood breweries provided important meeting spaces for the community to gather-they are so much more than just a place to drink and eat.  A focus on charitable endeavors and community support provides a backbone for many of our favorite craft breweries.     

2019 was the year we finally stopped talking and started working on what would eventually become Brazen Brewing.  We searched all through Fall & Winter of 2019 and most of 2020 for the perfect space-with absolutely no luck. By the fall of 2020 we had almost given up, but stumbled upon the land on Genesee almost by accident. By December we had hired a design team, put our vision down on paper and publicly announced our intentions of opening a brewery in Lancaster.  2021 was filled with securing permits, licenses, equipment ordering, construction and marketing.

Construction started in May 2021 and was completed in August 2022.  We opened our doors on August 31st, 2022.